We keep our distance ... We stay safe!


Based on the preparation and response plan for Epidemic / Pandemic by COVID-19 of the Ministry of Health and EODY, the epidemiological surveillance contributes to the monitoring of the demand for health services and to the evaluation of the course of the measures taken. 

The Dental Department immediately complied with international protocols and requirements governing the safe provision of health services for both patients, dentists and dental staff. For this reason, EOO successively issued three (3) guidelines to dentists operating in the territory, aimed at controlling the spread of the infection and at the same time dealing with urgent and painful incidents.


It is recommended that the sessions / appointments take place at least every hour and that strict adherence to this time limit should be indicated to patients. When we make an appointment by phone, the doctor or the assistant must ask the following questions:

"Due to the current situation regarding COVID-19, I would like to ask you some questions:"

1) Have you recently had a test for coronavirus COVID 19 and if so what was the result?

2) Have you been declared a suspected case due to close contact with a positive COVID-19 case? Were you or your family quarantined before and if so how long ago?

3) Have you had any of the following symptoms in the last three days: Cough, fever, headache or sore throat? If yes answers any of the above questions, then the appointment will be moved at least two weeks in the future.