We are ready to take care of you with absolute safety


As is well known, dental clinics are only open to emergencies. The Hellenic Dental Association points out that the mouth is the gateway for germs to enter the human body and with an examination, dentists can understand the patient's level of health. Proper and effective oral care offers not only good oral health but also good physical health.

In our clinic we have taken all the necessary measures to ensure that you will have all the care required, provided in a completely safe manner.

If you need to visit our office, it's important to know the specific measures to prevent the spread of infections:

  1. Regular disinfection of work surfaces, seats and office floors - supply of special disinfectant liquids.

  2. Staff dedicated shoes exclusively for the doctor's office.

  3. Frequent space ventilation.

  4. Mask, gloves, shoe covers when entering the doctor's office.

  5. Long sleeves.

  6. Bouffant cap, mask, paper apron, strictly disposable for doctors.

  7. Regular use of a doctor's mask.

  8. Four-handed treatment, constant presence of a clinical assistant in the work area.

  9. Limited use of turbine with controlled water regulation - simultaneous use of suction.

  10. Systematic use of rubber dam for all operations except teeth cleaning.

  11. Elimination or significant reduction of airflow when cleaning teeth.

  12. Direct transfer of the X ray display and edit field in the clinic.

  13. Facial cleansing with octenisept.

  14. Deposition of road clothing - used but clean work uniforms outside the doctor's office.

  15. New work uniforms with long sleeves.

  16. Plan for immediate purchase of a washing machine in the doctor's office - special installation

  17. Plan for immediate purchase of a dehumidifier.

  18. Acquisition of color intraoral scanner. 

  19. Disposable paper cups in the coffee corner.

  20. Staff training in protocols of the aseptic field.

  21. Sparse appointments / sufficient time between appointments for adequate space ventilation and environmental disinfection.