Regenerative medicine

Regenerative medicine aims to regenerate and restore body tissue using its own repairing and healing cells in concentrated form. These cells are platelets, pluripotent stem cells, fibroblasts as well as growth factors that are constantly circulating in our body through the bloodstream. With this technique, blood is taken from the vein and with special processing in the doctor's office, in just thirty minutes we produce a platelet concentrate that contains all the above regenerative elements in large concentrations. This condensate is then placed in the area that needs regeneration (jawbone or gums), alone or in combination with graft and significantly promotes the healing and regeneration process.

For example, after the loss of one or more teeth or due to an inflammatory process in the jaw, some amount of bone and gums may be absorbed. These lost hard and soft tissues need to be regenerated in their original form in order for the result of the prosthetic teeth to be long-term successful.