We all agree that prevention is preferable to treatment especially when it comes to our health. Prevention is the first goal of modern dentistry as it ensures our overall health and saves us from effort, pain and cost.

Prevention in the field of oral health has three main axes that can be implemented very easily:

  1. Proper nutrition

  2. Proper oral hygiene

  3. Regular dental check-ups and cleaning

Re-checking in the doctor's office every six months is very important because it is the only way to diagnose any problem in time and treat it immediately. This will keep the teeth strong and in place for many, many years. We must not forget that most oral lesions are pre-existing before we experience the first discomfort. The only one who can diagnose them in time is the dentist.

Cleaning in the doctor's office is absolutely necessary since tartar (dental calculus) is not removed by brushing at home. The problem with dental calculus is not only the poor aesthetics of the mouth and the yellowing of the teeth, but also the germs that nest inside it and cause gingivitis and periodontitis. Also, the stone fills the gaps and surfaces of the teeth, making any damage hidden underneath not easily visible.